It’s Simple, Really…

And here's the formula to being KNOWN, LIKED, & TRUSTED:

Strategic Content Marketing + Powerful Copywriting = Success

Alone, a blogging campaign isn't enough. Neither is a social media marketing campaign. And neither is a kick-butt website.

But by combining the proven powerhouse of content marketing with a solid copywriting foundation, you'll not only find more leads and make more sales from your existing target audience or list... but you'll also be building a solid base towards acquiring future leads and sales.

You'll be playing both long ball and the short-term game.

You'll finally get out from playing catch-up; you'll be leading the pack.

What would you do to see this kind of return on your business?
Well, you only need to do one thing: to know and implement this breakthrough marketing formula.

Your breakthrough formula to doubling (or more) your sales:

This breakthrough marketing formula of being KNOWN, LIKED, & TRUSTED combines the best of 150 years of direct response copywriting knowledge with a proven internet marketing construct that’s been developed, tested, and refined over the last 10 years.

Use Powerful Copywriting to Double Your Sales Now.

And then use Content Marketing as your "Long Ball Game" to ensure company stability & profits by:

  • Making your Brand Name Known
  • Becoming a Liked and Respected Brand
  • Being Trusted by Your Clients

Think about how great you’ll feel as the company hero – and that it was easier to accomplish than preparing for a 5-minute presentation…

The fastest, easiest way to get proven results with this breakthrough formula…

Isn’t to to become an expert: it’s to hire an expert.

Save yourself 10 (or more) years of study time learning 160 years’ worth of direct response copywriting, blogging best practices, marketing techniques, and internet marketing constructs...

...So that you can see those doubled, tripled, or quadrupled profits NOW!

You want Results NOW. You’re Ready for Results NOW…

You're ready now for someone who’s gotten astounding results for other companies... a powerful, copy-driven marketing campaign that doubles your business' income in less than 4 months...
...or an-out-of-left-field, surprise 5-figure client who found your company through your blog...
...or imagine the results you'll see when you combine both halves of this revolutionary marketing formula!

In short, you want the leading expert and influencer in both blogging and copywriting...

You want Protean Writer and our Breakthrough, Proven Marketing Formula.

With over 15 years' combined experience in writing, blogging, sales, and copywriting, we're the experts in copywriting, blogging, marketing, internet constructs, and then some....
...But more importantly, we’ve gotten results for companies of all sizes - companies just like yours.

(And boy howdy... will you see results!)

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